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8th September 2012 Supreme Horse Racing joins forces with Emerdale’s Danny Miller

One of the horse racing world’s most exciting syndicates, Supreme Horse Racing, has joined forces with one of Britain’s best known soap actors, Danny Miller as it seeks to become a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Danny Miller, best known for his role as Aaron Livesy in ITV’s soap Emmerdale, has taken part ownership of a new horse for the syndicate, and is one of a growing number of members who work in partnership with top trainers, Donald McCain and Willie Mullins, as the venture seeks to secure further high-profile wins.

Formed in 2011, Supreme Horse Racing is a unique horse racing club available to both UK and Irish racing fans who wish to own a share in a leading National Hunt horse trained by either Willie Mullins, Ireland’s champion trainer, or Donald McCain, the Grand National winning trainer. Since its formation, the syndicate has gained a superb reputation with 15 winners tallying more than £100,000 worth of prize money – an impressive strike-rate for such a new project.

The club has a string of 17 exciting horses all of whom have potential to be top class winners on the UK and Ireland racing circuit. In the near future, four new horses will be joining Donald in the UK.

The most recent addition to the syndicate’s string of horses is an, as yet, un-named four year old Bay gelding, of which Danny has become a part-owner of. The team have high hopes for the horse, which will be trained by Donald McCain at his yard in Cheshire. The horse is currently in pre-training in Ireland but it is hoped the horse will progress to become a well known jumping horse on the racing circuit around the UK’s best National Hunt courses.

Of the venture, Danny comments: “I’ve always had an interest in horse racing. It’s one of the UK and Ireland’s most exciting sports, with a huge fan base. When the opportunity came up to go into partnership with Supreme Horse Racing, which is backed by two of the sports great names I didn’t hesitate. Supreme Horse Racing presents an ideal opportunity for all horse racing fans to become involved in the sport. It’s affordable and members are encouraged to become actively involved with the horses progress in training and throughout its racing career.

“Membership of Supreme Horse Racing is growing fast but with plans for more horses to join the team there are plenty of opportunities for members of the public to become involved, and I would encourage them to do so. National Hunt race meetings and being a member of such a high profile syndicate is a great way to get really close to the action. There are so many exciting horses in the team. In particular we’re very excited about the new addition to the team. It’s the first time I have owned a share in a horse but it is showing great potential in training with Donald and we have high hopes for its future. We can’t wait to see the horse in action on the track.”

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